Water Companies

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Innoflow Technologies NZ LTD Innoflow Technologies NZ LTD

As a company, Innoflow Technologies is a low risk solution partner. Innoflow’s team has both the business experience and technical expertise to ensure that our ... more »

    Devan Devan

    has grown into a specialist operation that is dedicated to its customers. Devan’s core business is the manufacture of water tanks, ranging from 600 - 30,000 litres used ... more »

      Synergex Systems NZ Ltd Synergex Systems NZ Ltd

      International back-up and support on all our products. Specialising in Residential and Comercial Solar Hot Water systems Specialists in Domestic and Commercial ... more »

        New Water

        NewWater rainwater storage systems are ecologically sound and also make excellent financial sense especially in drought-prone areas and places where the water supply ... more »

          Eco Plumber Gas

          specialize in repairing and upgrading hot water heating systems including solar and hot water heat pumps along with full installation and eeca grants . We give ... more »

            Mirak Ltd

            Ltd is a Christchurch-based provider of solar hot water systems. We believe that solar energy can help you create a home that is both energy efficient and a great ... more »

              Energy Conscious Design Limited

              goal of Energy Conscious Design is to increase the popularity of solar hot water systems in New Zealand with an emphasis on a quality product and most applicable ... more »

                Eco Waste Water Recycling Systems Ltd

                Save your water by recycling treated greywater back through your toilet cistern and also water your garden and trees.... more »

                  Jet Waste & Water Systems Limited

                  Jetwaste specialises in the treatment of sewage and water treatment for domestic and commercial applications. We offer design, manufacture, installation and servicing ... more »

                    Econergy Heat Pump Water Heaters

                    Econergy energy efficient Heat Pump Water Heaters save you up to 75% on water heating bills. Built for New Zealand conditions.... more »

                      Kactus Rainwater Harvesting Systems Installation Specialists

                      At Kactus, we provide quality water treatment solutions for your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote!... more »

                        Heatstore Solar & Energy Specialists Ltd

                        is where the hearth is, says HeatStore, New Zealand’s only one-stop-shop for pellet fires, wood fires and solar hot water systems With over twelve years experience ... more »

                          Eco Solutions Ltd

                          Christchurch (completed) Allandale Eco Village, 26 lot rezoning and subdivision, wetland for wildlife and waste water treatment, swales, minimal pavement, high ... more »

                            FreePower Limited

                            supplier and integrator of alternative energy systems. We give full support of power systems utilizing Solar, Wind and Water Energy including. Roof integrated ... more »

                              Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

                              In many industries you are relatively safe with the products you buy due to approved New Zealand Standards. Heat pump water heaters however have been overlooked ... more »

                                EXCEED Heat Pump Water Heaters...direct

                                services include installation of both domestic and commercial air conditioning units, heating and ventilation units, hot water heat pumps, solar water heating, ... more »

                                  Blackbarrel Solutions Ltd

                                  shipped back to China to be recycled there (a very expensive environmental process).We have developed a very simple rain water collection and delivery system to ... more »

                                    ECO Drinking Water Purified the Natural Way

                                    Our goal is to make a difference by providing efficient, effective, practical, high quality, safe, water-filtering and water purification product options that are ... more »

                                      The Hot Water Company

                                      Hot Water Company specializes in everything hot water. We install, repair, replace, and service hot water cylinders in Auckland and NZ wide. Give us a call to book ... more »

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                                      • hot water heating –
                                      • hot water systems

                                      Biocycle - Wastewater Treatment Systems, Aerated Waste Water Sewage Septic Treatment Irrigation Irrigate Purification Purify Sewage Septic South Island New Zeal... more »

                                        Sunz Energy Specialists

                                        Along with our Hybrid PVT (Photo Voltaic Thermal), PV (Photo Voltaic) electricity, and Active solar hot water heating products we also offer a range of solar pool ... more »

                                          Solar Peak

                                          solar water heating systems will provide many years of trouble free service, ensuring a fast payback on your investment and long term protection against soaring ... more »


                                            SolarHeating.co.nz sell and Install all types of solar heating systems. solar power heating Installer for Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating, and Solar Underfloor ... more »

                                              Clints Plumbing & Gasfitting Ltd

                                              have over 40 years experience in the Plumbing and Gasfitting business. Water Tanks naturally progressed from our extensive knowledge in plumbing and drainage. After ... more »

                                                Birds Ferry Lodge and Ferry Man's Cottage

                                                vacated means that rooms heat more easily. No appliances are left on standby when the rooms are vacant. All guest hot water is heated by gas on demand Where ... more »

                                                  CHAMPION HEATING LTD

                                                  Heating Ltd specialize in Warm Water Heating Systems. Warm Water Central Heating systems are designed to heat your whole house efficiently with maximum temperature ... more »

                                                    Rainline Water Tank Solutions

                                                    tank solutions for urban, lifestyle and rural applications. Collect rainwater for your garden or monitor the water level in your large rural water tank we have ... more »

                                                      Aquafire Industries Ltd

                                                      this cost-efficient, planet friendly technology. Using amazing super-efficient heat pump technology, AQUAFIRE heat pump water heaters will typically save you ... more »

                                                        Waterless Composting Toilets NZ

                                                        The Clivus Multrum is the premium self-contained, waterless, odourless toilet system. It uses no chemicals, heat or water and has no polluting discharge. It can ... more »


                                                          up to 65% of your hot water heating cost Government assistance finance loans available (*conditions apply) Connect to your existing hot water cylinder Either ... more »

                                                            Water Products

                                                            34 listed

                                                            Green Handi Water Tank Green Handi Water Tank

                                                            Water Tanks is a Rainwater Harvesting and Water Saving Devices company, strives to manufacture the best Green Handi Water Tanks, with 200,000 wonderful  tanks ... more »

                                                            • Water Saving Devices –
                                                            • Water –
                                                            • Rainwater Harvesting
                                                            Sustainable Natural Kitchens Sustainable Natural Kitchens

                                                            comprehensive recycling and power-saving policy. They produce part of their power with a photovoltaic system and use rain water for their toilets. Sustainable Natural ... more »

                                                            • Organic –
                                                            • Organic Products –
                                                            • Rain Water
                                                            Green BPA-free Water Filter Bottle Green BPA-free Water Filter Bottle

                                                            Filtering is a New Zealand run Green environmentally friendly business and offer you a sustainable and practical clear water supply via our popular product Green ... more »

                                                            • Filtered Water –
                                                            • Water –
                                                            • Eco Water Filters
                                                            Eco Drinking Water Tanks

                                                            specialise in the Eco Plumbing and Gasfitting business over 40 years, based on professional knowledge the Water Tanks can be progressed smoothly go into plumbing ... more »

                                                            • Eco Saving Devices –
                                                            • Eco Water Tanks –
                                                            • Rain
                                                            Mirak Solar Hot Water System

                                                            buyers are becoming progressively conscious of the cost of energy; ensuring installation of a Mirak Solar Hot Water System will add value to your home. This will ... more »

                                                            • Solar Hot Water –
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                                                            • Building
                                                            Bio Jet 7 Bio Jet 7

                                                            waste & water is a New Zealand based sewage and water treatment specialist. Our works have covered both residential and commercial works across the country ... more »

                                                            • Filtered Water –
                                                            • Filtered Water –
                                                            • Wastewater Treatment
                                                            Eco Water Filtration System Solutions Eco Water Filtration System Solutions

                                                            was established in 1993, we specialise in using bio-remediation or microbe technology of the Eco Water Filtration and Green water filtration System Solutions, and ... more »

                                                            • Eco Water Filtration –
                                                            • Green Water Filtration –
                                                            • Sustainable Water Filtration
                                                            Eco Heat Pump Water Heater Eco Heat Pump Water Heater

                                                            is the leading edge of Eco heat pump and water heat pump which is possible to save you up to 75% water heating bill. Our product has been tested and is the one ... more »

                                                            • Water Heating –
                                                            • Heat Pumps –
                                                            • Water Heat Pump
                                                            Green New Water Green New Water

                                                            New Water supplies and installs rain water collection and storage systems through New Zealand. While beneficial in any condition, these units are especially valuable ... more »

                                                            • Accessories –
                                                            • Rain Water –
                                                            • Rain
                                                            Green Dog Solar PV and Solar Hot Water System

                                                            service the South Island excluding, Blenheim, West Coast and Nelson. Call now, for free quotes on Solar PV and Solar Hot Water... more »

                                                            • Solar Hot Water –
                                                            • Wool Insulation –
                                                            • Energy
                                                            Eco composting toilet Eco composting toilet

                                                            pollution free eco composting toilet into reality. It is like any other toilets but with two exceptions - it uses little water and it produces compost that can ... more »

                                                            • Eco Toilets –
                                                            • Green Toilets –
                                                            • Water
                                                            Compact Composting Toilets

                                                            standard for waterless toilets. Some of the extraordinary features of eco toilets from Kiwi bogs include little to no water use, full size size, easy installation ... more »

                                                            • eco water tanks –
                                                            • eco toilets –
                                                            • tank
                                                            Residential Water System

                                                            clean, pure and fresh water reaidly available at  home is never too important. Kiwipure provides high quality water purification systems to families and businesses ... more »

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                                                            • tank –
                                                            • natural
                                                            Nzhealth Naturally Organic Manuka Honey and Ginger Nzhealth Naturally Organic Manuka Honey and Ginger

                                                            actions. Spread generously onto bread or toast and enjoy as an eating experience by itself, or you can mix with warm water as a soothing drink. It is very delicious ... more »

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                                                            • Support
                                                            Hot water

                                                            Hot Water Company specializes in everything hot water. We install, repair, replace, and service hot water cylinders in Auckland and NZ wide. Give us a call to book ... more »

                                                            • Hot Water
                                                            Eco lunchbox Stainless Steel Lunch Tray Eco lunchbox Stainless Steel Lunch Tray

                                                            Eco Water Bottles, our aim is to make a difference by providing high quality, safe, natural and eco-friendly fabrics products with a focus on the family and the ... more »

                                                            • Reusable –
                                                            • Eco-friendly Fabrics –
                                                            • Stainless Steel
                                                            Solargenius Solar Hot Water

                                                            Solar Hot Water system is your ultimate source of limitless, harmless and free solar energy to heat up hot water throughout a year. The unique solar hot water system ... more »

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                                                            • hot water

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