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Synergex Systems NZ Ltd Synergex Systems NZ Ltd

requirements. International back-up and support on all our products. Specialising in Residential and Comercial Solar Hot Water systems Specialists in Domestic ... more »

    Heatstore Solar & Energy Specialists Ltd

    is where the hearth is, says HeatStore, New Zealand’s only one-stop-shop for pellet fires, wood fires and solar hot water systems With over twelve years experience ... more »

      Sunz Energy Specialists

      Along with our Hybrid PVT (Photo Voltaic Thermal), PV (Photo Voltaic) electricity, and Active solar hot water heating products we also offer a range of solar pool ... more »

        Energy Conscious Design Limited

        goal of Energy Conscious Design is to increase the popularity of solar hot water systems in New Zealand with an emphasis on a quality product and most applicable ... more »

          Solar Energy Solutions Ltd

          Save up to 75% of your water heating costs with Solar Hot Water New Zealand. Contact us for a free quote today.... more »

            Mirak Ltd

            Ltd is a Christchurch-based provider of solar hot water systems. We believe that solar energy can help you create a home that is both energy efficient and a great ... more »

              JNJ Solar

              Solar Hot Water Heating. The sun won't send you a power bill! Cost effective, new technology, eco concious, fast payback times, 10-15 year warranty.... more »

                FreePower Limited

                of power systems utilizing Solar, Wind and Water Energy including. Roof integrated photovoltaic systems. Solar hot water systems. Grid Embedded generation. ... more »

                  Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd

                  was the case. Guarantee your success with the New Zealand designed and manufactured “Performance Plus” heat pump by Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd. They are made of ... more »


           sell and Install all types of solar heating systems. solar power heating Installer for Solar Water Heating, Solar Pool Heating, and Solar Underfloor ... more »

                      CHAMPION HEATING LTD

                      choices. Systems we offer:- Floor Heating only System Floor and Pool Heating combined System Floor and Domestic Hot Water Heating combined System Floor and ... more »

                        Eco Plumber Gas

                        specialize in repairing and upgrading hot water heating systems including solar and hot water heat pumps along with full installation and eeca grants . We give ... more »


                          up to 65% of your hot water heating cost Government assistance finance loans available (*conditions apply) Connect to your existing hot water cylinder Either ... more »


                            Experts in solar hot water systems.... more »

                              The Hot Water Company

                              Hot Water Company specializes in everything hot water. We install, repair, replace, and service hot water cylinders in Auckland and NZ wide. Give us a call to book ... more »

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                              Warmtec Ltd.

                              to fit individual premises. We sell our products wholesale and retail. We design systems for: * Integrated Solar Hot Water * Solar Heating * Wood ... more »

                                EXCEED Heat Pump Water

                                services include installation of both domestic and commercial air conditioning units, heating and ventilation units, hot water heat pumps, solar water heating, ... more »

                                  Energy Efficient Homes Ltd.

                                  heart from the summer and year round sun and dispenses it during winter. It also allows seamless integration for solar hot water and Wetback... more »

                                    Aquafire Industries Ltd

                                    will typically save you between 60%-75% on your water heating bills by transferring renewable energy in the air into hot water. On cloudy, wet days as well as night ... more »

                                      Solr4U Ltd

                                      performance Solar collectors. SOLAR 4 U can provide a quality water heating system, whether it is simply a domestic hot water system, an integrated "combi" ... more »

                                        NZ Solar Ltd

                                        NZ Solar supplies & installs evacuated tube solar hot water panels through out New Zealand. Visit our website for local agenst... more »

                                          Greenfern Homes Ltd.

                                          of a year, the electricity produced by the PV system will be enough to cover the demand of the heatpump for heating and hot water giving you FREE HEATING AND HOT ... more »

                                            Sensible Solar

                                            sources. This energy, although plentiful, has been hard to directly harness until recently. Now in many regions, solar hot water heaters have become a very practical ... more »

                                              The Mudcastle

                                              accommodation that we have built ourselves from the clay beneath us. With passive solar design, mud brick floor, solar hot water and a commitment to recycling, ... more »

                                                Quantum Energy Technologies Pty Ltd

                                                at Melbourne University, the Quantum heat pump water heaters have further developed and can today effectively produce hot water 24 hours a day in temperatures down ... more »

                                                  Solar Power Solutions

                                                  location, original value and so on. Think about this: if you add value to your property with a solar installation, your hot water between now and when you sell ... more »

                                                    Birds Ferry Lodge and Ferry Man's Cottage

                                                    vacated means that rooms heat more easily. No appliances are left on standby when the rooms are vacant. All guest hot water is heated by gas on demand Where ... more »

                                                      Bokashi NZ Ltd

                                                      understand the process in order to make good kitchen compost. The system is best placed in a warm situation like in the hot water cupboard, under the kitchen bench ... more »

                                                        Stone Villa's

                                                        trying to encourage and support the growth of a healthy local Niuean economy. ENERGY EFFICIENT We use solar generated hot water We use energy saving appliances ... more »

                                                          4 Seasons Home & Leisure Palmerston North

                                                          Thanks for checking out our website. 4 Seasons Home & Leisure is a national chain of independently owned and operated specialist stores offering home heating, spa ... more »

                                                            Hot Water Products

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                                                            Mirak Solar Hot Water System

                                                            buyers are becoming progressively conscious of the cost of energy; ensuring installation of a Mirak Solar Hot Water System will add value to your home. This will ... more »

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                                                            Green Dog Solar PV and Solar Hot Water System

                                                            service the South Island excluding, Blenheim, West Coast and Nelson. Call now, for free quotes on Solar PV and Solar Hot Water... more »

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                                                            Hot water

                                                            Hot Water Company specializes in everything hot water. We install, repair, replace, and service hot water cylinders in Auckland and NZ wide. Give us a call to book ... more »

                                                            • Hot Water
                                                            Solargenius Solar Hot Water

                                                            Solar Hot Water system is your ultimate source of limitless, harmless and free solar energy to heat up hot water throughout a year. The unique solar hot water system ... more »

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                                                            • hot water

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