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Synergex Systems NZ Ltd Synergex Systems NZ Ltd

Synergex Systems was established in 1986 and has developed into the largest solar thermal company in New Zealand. We are founding members of, and fully accredited ... more »

    Devan Devan

    to install. Devan also manufacture and market an environmentally friendly multichambered household Wastewater Treatment System. This system treats household wastewater ... more »

      Autoflow Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

      on-site system imitates natural ecosystems to treat household blackwater (kitchen and toilet) and greywater (shower, bath and laundry). The difference Autoflow ... more »

        Waterless Composting Toilets NZ

        proven composting toilet, which have set the international standards and have become a reputable and widely recognised system because of its ease of use and simplicity ... more »

          Waterflow NZ Ltd

          Get a 100% Ecologically friendly and natural waste water & sewage treatment system installed by Natural Flow. Minimal maintenance. Call 0800 628356 NZ w... more »


            for homes with a timber floor base or existing homes are perfect choices. Systems we offer:- Floor Heating only System Floor and Pool Heating combined System ... more »

              Knightbuilt Ltd.

              was established with one clear goal, to introduce a proven building system and product that will change the way we build in New Zealand. KnightBuilt are the N.Z. ... more »

                Cornerstone Central South Island Ltd

                The sustainable, eco-friendly, green, energy efficient, patented Cornerstone Building System is large polystyrene panels EPS, the formwork for reinforced concrete ... more »

                  Solarhomes Ltd

                  Soho Ventpac system is a high-tech, low-energy use, heating and cooling system. Talk to us about installing one, so you can take advantage of natural solar ... more »

                    Solar Electric Technology

                    and finding more efficient methods or appliances, through to the design, supply and installation of a sustainable energy... more »

                      ECOICF Ltd

                      Our product range includes the ECO-Block ICF system for wall and general formwork construction, and the ECO mid floor ICF construction system. We can also offer?construction ... more »

                        Solr4U Ltd

                        Domestic, Pool, Industrial, Dairy and Commercial Water Heating solutions. Integrated systems wherein the same solar system fulfils multi tasks are also specifically ... more »

                          Bokashi NZ Ltd

                          food composting products for use in the home. The Bokashi system ferments kitchen waste in a simple, easy to use, cost effective process so you will enjoy. Less ... more »

                            Alternative Power NZ Ltd

                            Power NZ Ltd designs, supplies and installs Off Grid Power Systems. What are Off-Grid power systems? They are a system providing power to a home, which is independent ... more »

                              Rain Saver Systems NZ

                              from the roof. From a 209 litre barrel made from recycled food grade plastic to a 25000 or 30000 litre tank we have a system to suit all requirements. Whether the ... more »

                                Trizone Industries

                                Industries supply a complete panel building system. Triboard is a leading example of new generational use of New-Zealand's renewable, sustainable Radiata Pine ... more »

                                  Disbin Ltd

                                  The Disbin sanitary waste disposal bins are an environmentally friendly, biodegradable disposable waste system for sanitary and product waste... more »

                                    Auckland Auto Clinic & Fleetcare Panel & Paint Clinic

                                    In addition to controlling our waste & reducing our volitile chemical consumption, we are also changing our paint system to the same water-based system used ... more »


                                      the sleep experience through customised sleep technologies and great design solutions. The result is a holistic sleep system for a healthy you, made using sustainable ... more »

                                        Snitch Incorporated

                                        are a NZ Owned operated and manufactured vehicle GPS tracking solution company. Our Armada GPS tracking system is a business tool which helps companies make smarter ... more »

                                          Online Gardener Ltd

                                          at the Online Gardener, we believe that good nutritous food is a birth right, therefore we have devised a system that will see those with gardening experience out ... more »


                                            revolutionary insulated slab system removes timely and wasteful boxing techniques, while providing the most insulated slab system on the market today. Simply compact ... more »

                                              Te Manawa Eco Village

                                              lots are serviced with spring fed water from the property and a telephone line to the boundary. We have a common power system currently mainly generated by hydro ... more »

                                                Jet Waste & Water Systems Limited

                                                Jetwaste specialises in the treatment of sewage and water treatment for domestic and commercial applications. We offer design, manufacture, installation and servicing ... more »

                                                  Eco Waste Water Recycling Systems Ltd

                                                  Save your water by recycling treated greywater back through your toilet cistern and also water your garden and trees.... more »


                                                    Welcome to Ecogreen, a new natural product range for New Zealand. Highly effetive, non-toxic, natural cleaners, septic tank and grease trap solutions as well as ... more »

                                                      Eco Toilets and Grey Water Systems Ltd

                                                      The superior performance of Ecotoilets is the Swedish patent to separate urine from faeces. Urine is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and bacteria free. ... more »


                                                        Biocycle - Wastewater Treatment Systems, Aerated Waste Water Sewage Septic Treatment Irrigation Irrigate Purification Purify Sewage Septic South Island New Zeal... more »

                                                          Reflection Treatment Systems Ltd

                                                          Reflection Treatment Systems are wastewater solution specialists with a team of professional water treatment specialists... more »

                                                            Sunz Energy Specialists

                                                            Along with our Hybrid PVT (Photo Voltaic Thermal), PV (Photo Voltaic) electricity, and Active solar hot water heating products we also offer a range of solar pool ... more »

                                                              System Products

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                                                              Sustainable Natural Kitchens Sustainable Natural Kitchens

                                                              place. They have a comprehensive recycling and power-saving policy. They produce part of their power with a photovoltaic system and use rain water for their toilets. ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Organic Products –
                                                              • Rain Water
                                                              Mirak Solar Hot Water System

                                                              buyers are becoming progressively conscious of the cost of energy; ensuring installation of a Mirak Solar Hot Water System will add value to your home. This will ... more »

                                                              • Solar Hot Water –
                                                              • Energy –
                                                              • Building
                                                              Green Dog Solar PV and Solar Hot Water System

                                                              Dog Solar System supplies and installs all-in-one solar power systems and other green energy solutions. They locally owned and operated since 1988, their goal is ... more »

                                                              • Solar Hot Water –
                                                              • Wool Insulation –
                                                              • Energy
                                                              Nature’s Country Gold Organic Manuka Honey Nature’s Country Gold Organic Manuka Honey

                                                              efficient against a wide range of bacteria and fungi found in stomach ulcers and infections.  It helps the immune system and is a powerful wound and burn healer. ... more »

                                                              • Efficient –
                                                              • Honey –
                                                              • Organic

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