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The Greenspace The Greenspace

Winner of the Waikato Get Sustainable Challenge Business Awards Innovation Design - Building Design Award. Board meeting or client function, business breakfast, ... more »

    EnviroPaints EnviroPaints

    Legacy How will we be remembered by our children and grandchildren? As a generation who destroyed their future environment or one that made good decisions within ... more »

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    the Pod nz the Pod nz

    we are the sole Nz manufacturers of the european camping/tramping and glamping! sensation. The Pod is built sustainably, using nz timber, nz sheepswool insulation, ... more »

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    Gardiner Building Contractors

    to Gardiner Building Contractors We are completed his initial building apprenticeship with a well known local Builder and stayed with them for over 24 years. Whilst ... more »

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    Fibre Bonding Ltd

    Woolbloc sheep wool insulation is a safe, natural, healthy and environmentally friendly thermal & acoustic building insulation alternative made from NZ pure ... more »

      Customkit Buildings

      it to suit your own specific requirements or we can literally start from scratch. Customkit offers a range of building options from the supply of shell only kitset ... more »

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      Tasman Building Biologie and Interior Design Studio Mapua

      What can Building Biology do for the client? We work for your project, architect and builder and the environment.How the indoor air quality effects your famil... more »


        [email protected] We promote the when designing your home Energy Efficiency, Passive Design, and Eco-Friendly Building products and Materials. We consider ... more »

          Terra Lana Products Ltd

          wool at a large manufacturing plant in Christchurch and sold through out New Zealand either directly, through the major building merchants or through ENERGYWISE ... more »

            Hemp Builders

            With Hemp… Using The Whole Hemp Stalk! This new technique avoids the expensive hemp fibre separation process… meaning building your own hemp home is more affordable ... more »

              Hemp Animal Bedding

              Hemp and it's applications, particularly in regard to construction, to reduce the CO2 emitted from mineral based building products and to increase indoor air quality. ... more »


                principle. Projects have used LED lighting, innovative water collection systems, energy generation systems and natural building... more »

                  Knightbuilt Ltd.

                  was established with one clear goal, to introduce a proven building system and product that will change the way we build in New Zealand. KnightBuilt are the N.Z. ... more »

                    ECOTECT LTD

                    efficiency, quality comfort and cost effective housing. Ecotect designs incorporate locally and nationally sourced building materials and components wherever possible ... more »

                      Eco Solutions Ltd

                      Lyttelton Harbour….(in progress) Existing Houses conversion for sustainability, solar space and water heating, natural building materials, water recycling, microclimate, ... more »

                        The Sustainable Building Company Ltd

                        Sustainable Building Company creates homes that are cleaner for the environmentand and are ecologically friendly through better design and innovative use of materials. ... more »

                          BBE Architects

                          New Zealand Building Biology & Ecology Institute (BBE) provides information on how buildings affect the health of people and the environment, and ways of building ... more »

                            Cornerstone Central South Island Ltd

                            The sustainable, eco-friendly, green, energy efficient, patented Cornerstone Building System is large polystyrene panels EPS, the formwork for reinforced concrete ... more »


                              Lite-House designs and builds homes in Auckland and around New Zealand which are truly individual and often innovative, exceeding current standards for ecologically ... more »

                                BuildForNextGen Limited

                                sustainable and durable construction. We are committed to providing New Zealand and Australian householders, building owners/operators and construction professionals ... more »

                                  Solid Earth Adobe Buildings Ltd.

                                  has trained in Architecture and Building Biology and Ecology in Switzerland, where she has done a lot of research on earth building and has written a paper on the ... more »

                                    Authentic Straw Bale Construction Ltd

                                    the last 17 years Authentic Straw-Bale Construction Ltd have been building houses using alternative materials throughout the South Island, We have also been involved ... more »

                                      Casas Design Limited

                                      We strongly believe that architectural professionals need to accept the fact that the demand for land, buildings, building products, energy, and other resources ... more »

                                        Buyer's Demolition

                                        Demolition provides a wide range of used house parts and fittings for your sustainable building projects. Specialising in kitchens and baths, with a huge selection ... more »

                                          Building Element Assessment Laboratory Ltd.

                                          is a private company based in Wellington that carries out appraisals of eco friendly and general building products to confirm compliance with the New Zealand and ... more »

                                            Bernhardt Architecture

                                            Bernhardt Architecture runs the Auckland office of the Building Biology and Ecology Institute and practices the Principles of Ecological Building and Design.... more »


                                              affordable, ‘Earthquake’ strong housing. Our bale homes today offer ecologically sound, modern, healthy, organic building alternatives. Soulful and highly individual, ... more »

                                                Terra Firma Earth Building Company Ltd

                                                TERRAFIRMA Earth Building Co Ltd is New Zealand's largest and most experienced Rammed Earth Construction Company and have been designing and building traditional, ... more »

                                                  eCubed Building Workshop

                                                  Engineering and Building Science expertise to assess your architectural designs. Our company synthesises traditional mechanical and electrical services engineering ... more »

                                                    Right House

                                                    Right House helps create healthy & energy efficient homes, whether you are building a new house or improving your current home.... more »

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                                                      Sustainable Natural Kitchens Sustainable Natural Kitchens

                                                      At Sustainable Natural Kitchens they are always aiming for the smallest possible environmental impact from the things they do. They only use sustainably grown ... more »

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                                                      Construction Nelson

                                                      to Gardiner Building Contractors We are completed his initial building apprenticeship with a well known local Builder and stayed with them for over 24 years. Whilst ... more »

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                                                      Commercial Builder Nelson

                                                      Building Contractors of the most trusted construction companies in Nelson. We are dedicated to providing you the best house building services in the Nelson area. ... more »

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                                                      Green Dulux AquaTread Clear Sealer Green Dulux AquaTread Clear Sealer

                                                      is the most famous Green Painting and Environmentally Building Materials company around the world, we specialize colour wall featuring and you are able to pick ... more »

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                                                      Eco Home Design

                                                      is a New Zeadland owned eco construction business that has been serving the local community with patented solid wood building materials for more than half a century. ... more »

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                                                      Eco Home Design

                                                      is a New Zeadland owned eco construction business that has been serving the local community with patented solid wood building materials for more than half a century. ... more »

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                                                      engineered wood product that uses multiple layers of thin wood assembled with adhesives. It may not sound sexy but this building innovation is now allowing space ... more »

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                                                      Green Coromandel Construction Green Coromandel Construction

                                                      Construction is small family run local Eco Building Solution, we are well known thanks to plenty of local knowledge and a great network of tradesmen and specialists. ... more »

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                                                      Green Dream Log Home Project Green Dream Log Home Project

                                                      offers you a particular opportunity to talk with you face to face about your ideal Eco and Green Designed Home or Building. We specialise in individual log home ... more »

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                                                      Eco Ultimate Building System Project Eco Ultimate Building System Project

                                                      is a Green and Eco Building system; we are focusing on innovation approach of building residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Our increasingly development ... more »

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                                                      Green Feng Shui Design Service Green Feng Shui Design Service

                                                      Eco design, Resource Management assessments.   Also provided are specialist design services in Passive Solar, Building Biology, Electrobiology and Green Feng ... more »

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                                                      Green New House Project Green New House Project

                                                      such like residential, educational and commercial buildings. We provide inspired, qualified and irreplaceable Eco Building Design Solutions with long term sustainability. ... more »

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                                                      TEK Panel

                                                      owned company that specialises in TEK Panel. TEK panel, which stands for Kingspan Tek Panel is the next generation of building material. Currently most building ... more »

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                                                      Eco Solar Modular Homes Plan Eco Solar Modular Homes Plan

                                                      put solar panels on your roof, all of our Eco design is about living in the safest and healthiest home or sustainable building with environment consciousness. Eco ... more »

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                                                      Green Energy Auditing Green Energy Auditing

                                                      Building Workshop aim at providing a thoughtful and customized approach to Eco design and still maintaining a high standard of environmental awareness. We provide ... more »

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                                                      Sustainable Green Crop Sustainable Green Crop

                                                      and then dug into the top soil. Within the soil it breaks down to humus and releases nutrients. This is a primary soil building technique indoors sustainable agricultural ... more »

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                                                      Mirak Solar Hot Water System

                                                      great suit your needs. Their service will take you from product choice, due to an installed and operating system, with building permit signed off by your local ... more »

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