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Natural Kitchens Natural Kitchens

specialize in making kitchens from natural materials. This means that they look good, feel good, last longer, and are made in harmony with the environment. As ... more »

    Naturally Organic Naturally Organic

    | Juice, Huia Organic 13. Beverages Organic Or GMO 14. Books And Magazines 15. Butchery, Organic Bacon Hendersons Natural | Canterbury Bilton | Meats Harmony ... more »

      Earthlings - truly organic

      Earthlings organic baby clothes are made from 100% organic cotton. A New Zealand (NZ) based company, we use the highest quality yarn to produce extra soft fabric ... more »

        Two Green Monkeys

        Two Green Monkeys provides young children and babies with safe, eco-friendly art supplies that are made with non-toxic, natural ingredients.... more »

          NZ Health Naturally Ltd

          to source and manufacture superior quality products due to New Zealand’s geographical isolation and unparalled clean and natural environment. Our commitment to ... more »

            Dr. Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care

            involved in many aspects of health care and complementary health care since 1983. She has always had a long interest in natural skin care after she developed many ... more »

              Naturally Neem NZ

              Naturally Neem supplies commercial quantities of imported neem oil, an effective natural insecticide suitable for organic growers, orchards and gardens.... more »

                Natures Sway baby carriers

                Natures Sway is a leading wholesaler and online retailer that stocks premium quality, New Zealand made baby slings, ergonomic baby carriers, and baby hammocks, ... more »

                  Ria's Natural Health Soap

                  our products are made with natural raw products, no pre-manufactured base. We use no animal fats or other animal products. All ingredients are free from urea products, ... more »

                    Ridge Natural Foods Ltd

                    Natural Foods is a young, passionate company. Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to providing you and your family with choice. The range that is available ... more »

                      Just Herbal Natural Skin care

                      Just Herbal was created in 2003 by James and Helen. James is a qualified Medical Herbalist. Helen is a Physiotherapist and Acupuncturist. We both have a passion ... more »

                        Natural Bubba Ltd

                        Bubba sells high-quality, eco-friendly baby clothing and organic baby bodycare that is made ethically. What makes Natural Bubba different is that we make baby-wear ... more »

                          Autoflow Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

                          on-site system imitates natural ecosystems to treat household blackwater (kitchen and toilet) and greywater (shower, bath and laundry). The difference Autoflow ... more »

                            Natural Oils Ltd

                            waxes and paints for the preservation and finishing of timber to the New Zealand market. Our products are derived from natural plant and mineral based ingredients ... more »

                              Natural Roofing Products Limited

                              its formation in 1987, Natural Roofing products Limited has been supplying and installing premium roofs in the New Zealand market. Over this time the Company has ... more »

                                Soporific Design

                                Makers of 100% Natural Vegan Soap, No artificial colours, perfumes or toxins. No animal testing. We care for your skin, Hair and the environment.... more »

                                  The Natural Step New Zealand

                                  2000 The Natural Step was established in New Zealand and launched a pilot programme with a group of major New Zealand businesses and organisation. This Pathfinder ... more »

                                    Red Rata-natural essentials

                                    Rata is an online store, specialising in quality affordable New Zealand made natural products for you, your family and your home. All of our products are free of ... more »

                                      Natural Element Homes

                                      Element is a design based housing company that specializes in the design and construction of architect designed, passive solar, energy effective homes that are ... more »

                                        Natural Blend Limited

                                        Blend is a family business based in Auckland, New Zealand. The business has been established to meet an emerging demand for high quality environment-friendly cleaning ... more »


                                          Hi and welcome to our eco store, where you'll loads of gorgeous earth friendly products for sustainable low carbon and green living. We set up Ecochi because ... more »

                                            SAFE's Cruelty Free Shop

                                            Online shopping for New Zealanders who care about animals. All products are entirely animal-friendly and contain no animal ingredients. Whether you're vegan, vegetarian, ... more »

                                              Just Organic

                                              Kia ora. Welcome to Just Organic Limited. We are an online organic grocer that delivers to your home or place of work. We offer selections of organic fruits and ... more »

                                                eco-logistic design and project management

                                                Nelsons first environmentally focused Project Management consultancy working with clients, builders and land developers to creative positive Environmentally Conscious ... more »


                                                  Kiwiherb is the vision of herbalist and pharmacist Phil Rasmussen, who after many years of experience prescribing and manufacturing herbal medicine recognised the ... more »

                                                    Style Plantation

                                                    Style Plantation offers a range of renewable and sustainable flooring solutions including bamboo flooring, laminate flooring and eucalyptus flooring.... more »

                                                      serra natural foods limited

                                                      Every silky spoonful of Cyclops yoghurt is a culinary treat. You can tell by the taste and feel that this is no ordinary yoghurt. European style acidophilus ... more »

                                                        Huckleberry Farms

                                                        Huckleberry Farms is New Zealand's largest retailer of natural, organic and gluten free foods, with stores throughout Auckland as well as online shopping. We also ... more »

                                                          Yours, naturally

                                                          "Yours, naturally" Baby Balm is the one thing no family should be without! It's an all natural, no preservative balm full of organic goodness. No nasty ... more »

                                                            Water Care Naturally

                                                            Water Care Naturally is the New Zealand Master Distributor for a range of EcoSmarte water treatment products that utilise a time-tested technology that combines ... more »

                                                              Natural Products

                                                              38 listed

                                                              Sustainable Natural Kitchens Sustainable Natural Kitchens

                                                              Sustainable Natural Kitchens they are always aiming for the smallest possible environmental impact from the things they do. They only use sustainably grown and ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Organic Products –
                                                              • Rain Water
                                                              Ceres Organic Guar Gum Ceres Organic Guar Gum

                                                              Organic Guar Gum is made from organic quar beans, it is a natural food thickener that is perfect to use in cooking and baking to bind, thicken and emulsify gluten-free ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Form –
                                                              • Give
                                                              Birth to Earth Green Birth Tree Plan

                                                              our beautiful idea is to plant your child’s placenta under a tree; then the part of your child is connected with Natural world. Birth to Earth is a Green ... more »

                                                              • Green Event –
                                                              • Solution –
                                                              • Natural
                                                              BioPaints Green Wall Paint

                                                              tree resins that are healthier for you, your family and painter. BioPaints Green Wall Paint is tested that are non-toxic Natural and Eco paints, which are also ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Eco –
                                                              • Paint
                                                              Bee Kind Finisher's Formula

                                                              Kind Beeswax Polishes is 100% Natural Green and Organic; we concern for the environment and do our best for you Green Home Furniture Polish.  Bee Kind Beeswax ... more »

                                                              • Green –
                                                              • Eco –
                                                              • Environmentally Friendly
                                                              Zing Bokashi Earth Garden Pack 2.5kg

                                                              • Reduce smelly odours • Speed up the rate of decomposition Zing Bokashi Earth Garden Pack 2.5kg is made of Natural and Organic components, which contains ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Eco –
                                                              • Recycle
                                                              Green Fragrance Candle Making

                                                              Creations is a 100% Kiwi local Green Business, focusing on deliver love of beautiful, Natural candles and elegant, leisurely life of harmony. We are committing ... more »

                                                              • Natural –
                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Sustainable
                                                              Bowenz Apple Cider Vinegar & Manuka Honey 5 Litre

                                                              Bowenz Therapy for Balance, you are available to release your body and pressure with Green, Natural Therapy. Bowenz Therapy for Balance is able to offer you gentle, ... more »

                                                              • Green –
                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Natural
                                                              AgriSea ECO Flowers Feast Programme

                                                              we win many Sustainable awards since established.   AgriSea ECO Flowers Feast Programme is to particular Green and Natural brewing methods, using the New Zealand ... more »

                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Eco –
                                                              • Natural
                                                              Allgood Organics Gingeralla

                                                              Callientes is the owner who is very proud to be an Eco Agriculture farmer particularly by using Environmentally friendly Natural and Organic Farming methods. He ... more »

                                                              • Green –
                                                              • Organic –
                                                              • Farm
                                                              Green Nature Quest Custom Tour and Ground Agency Service Green Nature Quest Custom Tour and Ground Agency Service

                                                              of nature lovers like to travel as a member of their own local natural history society's expedition on tour. Ever more of these custom group tours are now being ... more »

                                                              • Conservation –
                                                              • Accommodation –
                                                              • Natural
                                                              Natural Health Chiropractic

                                                              to Living Chiropractic is specially designed for Green and Natural Health-conscious in Wellington.  Our Chiropractors is to help and release people who suffering ... more »

                                                              • Natural –
                                                              • Green –
                                                              • Health
                                                              Digestion and Detox

                                                              people who suffer from indigestion and constipation. Unlike pro-kinetics or laxatives, Kiwiherb remedies are entirely natural and work by restoring body balance. ... more »

                                                              • organic –
                                                              • natural –
                                                              • eco natural
                                                              Aloe Vera Facial Soap

                                                              Vera is a unique soothing and healing natural plant. Aloe vera has a long history of being used by human to make fold medication, dietary supplement and other healing ... more »

                                                              • organic –
                                                              • natural –
                                                              • eco natural
                                                              Ultimate Antioxidants

                                                              oxidative stress thereof reduce your risk of developing these medical conditions. Lifestream supplies a range of pure natural ultimate antioxidants. A large range ... more »

                                                              • organic –
                                                              • organic food –
                                                              • health food
                                                              Black Robin Basilur Tea Design Project

                                                              brand creation, communications and collateral. Black Robin Basilur Tea Design Project is to highlight the mysterious Natural of the tea and its Sri Lankan packaging, ... more »

                                                              • Eco Design –
                                                              • Green Business –
                                                              • Natural
                                                              Sustainable Earthen Plasters Sustainable Earthen Plasters

                                                              established a clay based plaster range using environmental pigments to create a array of colourful finishes, including natural white. Like many other earthen wall ... more »

                                                              • Earth –
                                                              • Natural –
                                                              • Sustainable

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