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Recent international research findings show that chemicals kill valuable micro-organisms in your soil by unbalancing pH value of the soil. These microbes perform the vital function of maintaining nutrient properties of the soil. Most soils have been depleted of such microbes by constant application of chemicals.

ECO-GROW is a collection of friendly bacteria in a dormant state that are awakened and activated upon dilution and exposure to the sun in watertight containers.

The traditional application of chemicals saturates roots on application. However, roots need nutrients on an on-going basis. The power of ECO-GROW stems from the fact that microbes continuously absorb existing trace elements in the soil, water and air and convert them in the way nature intended, providing a constant source of trace elements in a form that can be readily absorbed by roots when needed.

In fact, this is how plants have obtained nutrients for centuries. The problem is that modern crop-building chemicals have depleted soils of these microbes.

The ECO-GROW microbes act as an important on-going link between the soil and the roots. Plants get energy to grow from sunlight, air, water and bacteria. ECO-GROW bacteria are symbiotic partners which function as essential agents, feeding on dying material and converting it back into basic substances, and influencing the movement of key elements some of which are Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulphur, Iron and Carbon.

For example, ECO-GROW can decompose the organic matter to produce amino acid, organis acid, vitamin C, E and growth regulating elements that can be directly absorbed and used by the plant. It thus reinforces the crop's growth, flowering and fruiting. In one test field, heavy rain posed a risk of root rot. ECO-GROW has thickened periphral cells of the roots so that roots, which would be normally damaged, did not rot and the crop could grow normally.

Test results and grower reports indicate the following benefits
after application of ECO-GROW:

Cost effective so it is economic to use
Less storage space required
Easy to transport
Clean to handle and non-toxic
100% organic ingredients and ecologically friendly
Accelerates growth of plants and yield
Natural smell so no unpleasant odours
Increases levels of micro-organisms within the soil
Increases aerobic and anaerobic respiration
Reduces weeds, saving manpower
Increases the fertility of the soil so crops need rotating less frequently
Ensures even distribution and growth of plants
Healthier, tastier and better-looking plants with strengthened colour
Reduces alkalinity of soil
Neutralise and balance pH of the soil
Provides Nitrogen and other trace elements, as plant needs it.
Makes phosphorus and potassium continuously available for crops and plants
Promotes the sprouting and rooting of seeds
Stimulates the fermentation and decomposition of green fertiliser and helps to
speed the breakdown of organic matter and crop stubble
Builds and increases humic content
And many more..

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