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Green Urban Living Green Urban Living

Bring your home to life, enrol in a workshop, subscribe to our monthly e-newsletter, get the inside information in our members only web-site section or book the ... more »

    Naturally Organic Naturally Organic

    Karen and Neil Thomas - the founders of Naturally Organic - have extensive experience in the fruit and vegetable industry.. Karen, from a market garden family ... more »

      Grow Smart Organics (NZ) Limited Grow Smart Organics (NZ) Limited

      Grow Smart™ stimulates root growth, lush growth of flowers and shrubs, increases the resistance of plants towards environmental stress factors, increases flowering ... more »

        Earthly Delights Ltd

        Over this time she developed networks in sustainability groups throughout Christchurch and studied soil science & organic gardening. Her hobby became a serious ... more »

          Patch from Scratch Ltd

          We help you build your very own organic vegetable garden in your backyard, & give you simple gardening methods & knowledge to maintain your raised vegetable bed. ... more »

            Online Gardener Ltd

            we believe that good nutritous food is a birth right, therefore we have devised a system that will see those with gardening experience out in your community planting ... more »


               Jim’s Tress is New Zealand’s Largest Network of qualified, experienced and insured arborists who provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal, ... more »

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              Edible Beds

              Edible Beds supply & install raised garden beds - either kitset or fully planted, organic and ready to grow your vegetables.... more »

                The Botanist Florist

                 We don't stick to the traditional floristry rules. We are passionate about premium and top-quality flowers. We use an abundance of lush foliage, which empowers ... more »

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                Birds Ferry Lodge and Ferry Man's Cottage

                Guests are often astounded by the remote location yet we are only 15 minutes from ‘town’. We have broadband internet but no landline,TV, or clock – just a wealth ... more »

                  Dan's Mowing

                  Grass and leaf clippings for free from my business for your garden compost or chooks. Dan's mowing just mows lawns, we don't do any spraying. We are regular lawn ... more »

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                  Swimming Pool Services Auckland

                  <p>&lt;p&gt;&amp;lt;p&amp;gt;&amp;amp;nbsp;Few things can be as enjoyable or relaxing as having a swimming pool at home. Your pool was ... more »

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                  Commonsense Organics

                  Commonsense Organics is a retail supplier of quality organic produce in the Wellington region. We have shops in Wellington city, Kilbirnie, Kapiti and Lower Hutt. ... more »


           is a tool that facilitates dialogue, learning, and community between people, their gardens and their produce. It is aimed at a wide spectrum of gardener’s, ... more »

                      Matua Gardens Retreat

                      Matua Gardens Retreat is a great place to stay. Come and visit us.   ... more »

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                      Eco Toilets and Grey Water Systems Ltd

                      The superior performance of Ecotoilets is the Swedish patent to separate urine from faeces. Urine is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and bacteria free. ... more »

                        OURS dvd - Red Heke Productions

                        Emma Heke is the Company Director, Manager, Marketer and Filmmaker…she needs a PA but can’t afford one yet!...she also packages and posts those DVDs sold through ... more »

                          nz lighting systems ltd

                          We sell all types of light fittings and bulbs online at discounted prices. All products comply with NZ Regulations.... more »

                            Just Organic

                            Kia ora. Welcome to Just Organic Limited. We are an online organic grocer that delivers to your home or place of work. We offer selections of organic fruits and ... more »

                              The Aesthetic Landscape Co (NZ) Ltd

                              Angelique Lambermon Landscape Architect and Designer based in Auckland New Zealand designing award winning landscape gardens. Landscape design, landscape plant ... more »

                                Eco-Express NZ Ltd.

                                There’s a saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and in Steve Rickerby’s case, this couldn’t be more true. His company, We Compost, collects organic ... more »

                                  Cats Pjamas Bed and Breakfast

                                  Nestled between Nelson and Mapua, close to Abel Tasman National Park and the Great Taste Trail for cycling. Bike repair shop, gym and Endless pool.... more »

                                    Kings Seeds (NZ) Ltd

                                    Would you like to harvest your own vegetables from the garden? Or do you want a beautiful garden that you can admire and pick flowers from?... more »

                                      Naturally Neem NZ

                                      Naturally Neem supplies commercial quantities of imported neem oil, an effective natural insecticide suitable for organic growers, orchards and gardens.... more »

                                        Jester House Café

                                        Established by Judy and Steve Richards in 1991 as Tasman's first country garden café, their reputation for fresh local food, friendly service and an unforgettable ... more »

                                          Coromandel Construction Ltd

                                          Coromandel Construction Ltd was started in April 2005 by Duncan Bayne, after working as a sole trader for 10 years in Coromandel Town. The company is run by husband ... more »

                                            Cornerstone Central South Island Ltd

                                            The sustainable, eco-friendly, green, energy efficient, patented Cornerstone Building System is large polystyrene panels EPS, the formwork for reinforced concrete ... more »

                                              Green Footprint

                                              Are you thinking about growing your own food? Do you expect your garden to be kind on the environment as well as beautiful? We are based in Hamilton and offer: ... more »

                                                Blackbarrel Solutions Ltd

                                                "New Zealand is all about using our common sense to approach problems..."Black Barrel Solutions started out as a solution provider to a recycling problem."I was ... more »

                                                  Gardening Products

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                                                  Green Balcony Gardening Workshop Green Balcony Gardening Workshop

                                                  we deliver a diverse range of sustainability initiatives. We provide a variety of workshops consist of Green Balcony Gardening Workshop, Spring Edible Garden, Keeping ... more »

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                                                  Organic Extra Moisturising Hand Cream Organic Extra Moisturising Hand Cream

                                                  was built in an eco-village in New Zealand in 1993; we use sustainable skincare and Natural beauty Products and organic gardening practices to against toxic chemicals ... more »

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                                                  • Organic Skin Care Products
                                                  Organic Eco Boxes Organic Eco Boxes

                                                  organic market gardens were established more than 30 years ago by Des and Aileen Matheson, who with a lifetime of gardening experience. We offer you a wide range ... more »

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                                                  Organic Seeds

                                                  Seeds is a New Zealand company that offers high quality organic seeds for gardening and gifting. Our organic seeds are available in huge varieties. Major genres ... more »

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                                                  Marlborough Community Gardens

                                                  as amazing as it is now without active participation of locals and visitors. Any person or groups with an interest in gardening and eco agriculture are welcome ... more »

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                                                  • eco gardens
                                                  Bay of Islands Farmers' Market

                                                  free-range eggs, cheese, bread, oils, wines and liqueurs and lots more. Bay of Islands Farmers' Market also runs gardening trading; we have vegetable and herb seedlings, ... more »

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                                                  WaterMate Water Saving Eco Plan

                                                  to filter and purify approximately two thirds of your daily waste water and let them ready for Sustainable use in gardening. WaterMate Water Saving Eco Plan is ... more »

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                                                  • Energy Saving
                                                  Dan's Mowing

                                                  Lawn mowing man that does not spray for weeds. Dan's mowing, clippings removed, edges trimmed every time. Contact today for a free quote. We do quality regular ... more »

                                                  • Compost –
                                                  • Bulk Compost Delivered
                                                  Grass Clippings

                                                  Free grass clippings delivered to you. Grass and leaves we get a lot of being regular lawn mowing specialists throughout Christchurch. Dan's mowing does not spray ... more »

                                                  • Compost –
                                                  • Bulk Compost Delivered

                                                   Jim’s Tress is New Zealand’s Largest Network of qualified, experienced and insured arborists who provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal, ... more »

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                                                  Tree felling

                                                   Jim’s Tress is New Zealand’s Largest Network of qualified, experienced and insured arborists who provide tree removal, stump grinding and removal, ... more »

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                                                  Organic Raised Bed Packages Organic Raised Bed Packages

                                                  Edible Beds is a small family owned Green business; we are committed to bring you fresh organic vegetables from our own easy care Organics Raised Bed Packages. ... more »

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                                                  Eco Geodesic Greenhouse Dome Eco Geodesic Greenhouse Dome

                                                  Domegrown is a Green and Organic provider in field of Eco Friendly Gardening; our Eco Geodesic Greenhouse Dome is very popular for schools, sustainable life stylers ... more »

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                                                  Sustainable Green Crop Sustainable Green Crop

                                                  Sustainable Green Crop, is also known as cover crop or green manure, it is a crop of quick growing plants sown densely on vacant ground or within a vegetable rotation ... more »

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                                                  Green Gubba Garden Store Green Gubba Garden Store

                                                  Green Gubba Garden Store is a New Zealand company with a kiwi approach to business offering practical, environmental-friendly products and service. Their range ... more »

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                                                  AgriSea ECO Flowers Feast Programme

                                                  AgriSea NZ Ltd is a family owned and operated “Green Farm” company, we produces Seaweed Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health concentrates in ... more »

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                                                  Top-quality Flowers

                                                   We don't stick to the traditional floristry rules. We are passionate about premium and top-quality flowers. We use an abundance of lush foliage, which empowers ... more »

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