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Starfish is a NZ designer clothing label committed to beautiful enduring design, sustainable practices and materials. All of our garments are made in NZ and in ... more »

    Wellwest Osteopaths

    At Wellwest we are committed to reducing our environmental impact by adopting sustainable and ethical business practices. We recognise the importance of living ... more »

      Parkes Automotive

      Parkes Automotive is an Automotive Repairs Worksop committed to sustainable business practice.The preservation of our environment for future generations is something ... more »

        Plant Song

        Our vision is to provide the highest quality organic products that support the health of the customer and the health of the environment we live in. We specialize ... more »

          Citizen-click Ltd.

          Online communications specialist for the sustainability industry. This includes writing, editing, website content management systems, online campaign consulting, ... more »


            We’re concerned about our impact upon the environment and our community. That’s why we’re committed to implementing sustainable practices to reduce our environmental ... more »


              VideoLink is the South Islands first High Definition Videoconferencing Bureau avaliable for hire. By using VideoLink companies can reduce travel costs, Down time ... more »


                FutureGenz is an environmental consultancy, specialising in sustainable business practices. We specialise in sustainable tourism, resource development, training, ... more »

                  Ideas Shop Limited

                  Ideas Shop is a creative Public Relations company and a next generation professional services firm. Our philosophy is to provide smart solutions that will add value ... more »

                    Second Image Printers & Copiers

                    Member of Sustainable Business Network Second Image Printers & Copiers take back all the products they sell at the end of their life and recycle them. In addition, ... more »

                      Paw Print

                      Paw Print is the online retail presence of Tasman Bay Vets, an award winning Veterinary Clinic and Pet Store in the Nelson region. The business participated in ... more »

                        ENJO New Zealand Ltd

                        ENJO eliminates 95% of chemicals and detergents in the household. By cleaning with just water and an advanced fibre technology, ENJO is able to achieve a more effective ... more »

                          Sempre Avanti Consulting

                          Sempre Avanti Consulting are certified management consultants. We help our clinets solve problems and make profitable business decisions. We are members of the ... more »

                            YWCA Hamilton

                            Not for profit community organisation, providing hostel accommodation, "Mobile Meals", venue hire, young women's programmes and scholarships, and advocacy ... more »


                              Suite Bar, located in the Auckland CBD on the corner of Hobson & Wolfe St, is a subterranean Manhattan style cocktail and lounge bar. Suite was the most awarded ... more »

                                Reuzit Air Filters NZ Ltd

                                We reconditioned Air Filters from all aspects of operations. Any machinery, vehicle, equipment, premises that requires air filters for either filtration or dust ... more »

                                  Paraoa Bakehouse ltd.

                                  National Winners of Sustainable Business of the Year. First Bio-Gro Certified bakery and now over 12 years experience producing an ever increasing range of certified ... more »

                                    Offset Alliance

                                    Offset Alliance works with individuals and brands to establish and offset their carbon footprints. We improve their environmental standing by purchasing and retiring ... more »

                                      Prescott Horn

                                      Prescott Horn was established in 2004 by Jeska McNicol. Jeska has extensive experience and qualifications in a broad range of environmental management issues. ... more »

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                                        Green Zero Carbon Mission Programme

                                        CarboNZero runs a Green and Sustainable, Environmentally Friendly programme, was established in 2001 by Landcare Research New Zealand Limited. Our goal is to deliver ... more »

                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Eco –
                                        • Sustainable
                                        Architectural Residential Construction Green Plan

                                        Architectural Residential Construction is Green and Environmentally Friendly, which aim at establish dream, good quality homes with a well-designed Sustainable ... more »

                                        • Eco Design –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Construction
                                        Mata Manuka Organic Golden Ale Beer

                                        Welcome to Mata Beer! Our Beer Company is a family run Green and Eco Business, Brewer, our Managing Director and Head is passionate about brewing unique New Zealand ... more »

                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Eco –
                                        • Food
                                        Aspiring Organics Fresh Service

                                        Aspiring Organics is a Green, Organic and Eco Business, we strive to provide fresh seasonal and local produce to meet different requirements. We ensure out Green ... more »

                                        • Eco Business –
                                        • Organic –
                                        • Health
                                        Architecture HDT Eco Design

                                        Architecture HDT Team is a medium scale aim at Green and Eco Architectural Design project, our Hawkes Bay office was built since 2008. Architecture HDT Eco Design ... more »

                                        • Eco Design –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Construction
                                        Architecture Prime Green Design

                                        Architecture Prime is a small, yet Green and Eco Design Practice Company with the features of experienced and affordable price. Architecture Prime is glad to transform ... more »

                                        • Eco Design –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Construction
                                        Black Robin Basilur Tea Design Project

                                        Black Robin Design is to offer the very distinctive Green and Eco Design work since 2007; we always keep our eye closely to our customers. Our Design is focusing ... more »

                                        • Eco Design –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Natural
                                        Green Sustainability Leadship Programme

                                        Centre for Sustainability Leadship is to build a Sustainable future by creating the knowledge, skills and networks of developing leaders. We run a Green Business ... more »

                                        • Eco –
                                        • Sustainable –
                                        • Green Event
                                        HybridCars Eco Coupe

                                        HybridCars is an Environmental Friendly and Green Business; we run the full range of gas-electric vehicles and consumer information and tools about cars, energy, ... more »

                                        • Environmental Friendly –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Sustainable
                                        Organic Handbag by Estella Rose Organic Handbag by Estella Rose

                                        Organic Handbag by Estella Rose is made from high quality, hardwearing fabrics. This product is perfect in dressy or casual; you will love wearing these gorgeous ... more »

                                        • Organic Cotton –
                                        • Organic –
                                        • Fabric
                                        NZ Sustainable Office Supplies

                                        NZ Sustainable Office Supplies has a great flexible solution for your business needs. They can provide and supply you with quality service and eco-friendly products. ... more »

                                        • Printing –
                                        • Stamp –
                                        • Sustainable
                                        Green Nomad Safaris Green Nomad Safaris

                                        Green Nomad Safaris has a powerful commitment to the environment and takes active steps to minimise the impact of their operations on both the local and global ... more »

                                        • Energy –
                                        • Sustainable Business –
                                        • Fuel
                                        Green Gubba Garden Store Green Gubba Garden Store

                                        Green Gubba Garden Store is a New Zealand company with a kiwi approach to business offering practical, environmental-friendly products and service. Their range ... more »

                                        • Accessories –
                                        • Eco –
                                        • Eco Friendly
                                        Green Emissions Reduction Programme

                                        Carbon South is a Green and Eco company, runs carbon emissions consultancy service for small to medium-sized businesses in New Zealand. We provide different level ... more »

                                        • Sustainable –
                                        • Environmentally Friendly –
                                        • Eco
                                        Smallfish Kiwi Green Webshop

                                        Smallfish is a Green and Eco Business, which play an important role among diversity of kiwi webshops developed by Shane Bartle, Tim Christie, Chris Benham, Craig ... more »

                                        • Green –
                                        • Eco Business –
                                        • Shopping
                                        Borderless Green Digital Stories

                                        The Philosophy of Borderless is a Solution and Green Business; we believe that our world is able to become a better and Sustainable place for all through unlocking ... more »

                                        • Solution –
                                        • Green Business –
                                        • Eco Event
                                        AdminCorp Business Administrators Service

                                        AdminCorp is the best consultant to provide professional and Sustainable Business administration framework. Our purpose is let business people helping business ... more »

                                        • Business –
                                        • Solutions –
                                        • Commercial

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